Girls Fun Tee Pattern comes in so handy


I find having the Girls Fun Tee Pattern so handy for life’s little emergencies! For that necessary yellow shirt needed for tomorrow at school or for that costume for a school play that is coming up soon.

I have been so thankful for the Girls Fun Tee PDF Pattern many a time over the years. Here are a few examples of how it has been put to good use.

Letterland – Clever Cat Costume. Sized up and lengthened.
Colonial Day
Colonial Day
Dress Ups – The puff tee looks great with everything!
Book Week – Heidi
Multicultural Day – A little Dutch Costume
A Christmas Tee for the last day of school.
This was worn to death and until it did not fit anymore!
An embarrassing Mum supporters t’shirt! The kids were sad when they moved schools and Mum did not have a supporters tee to wear anymore.

Do you have a need for a great fitting t-shirt pattern? Maybe you’d like to try our Girls Fun Tee Pattern?

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