Girls Stinger Bodysuit Tester Round Up

Cover by Tanya Karolia


It is with much excitement today that I share with you the Girls Stinger Bodysuit Tester Round Up.  We have many style options included in this pattern.  It is a comfortable, skirted bodysuit with the option of sleeveless, short, 3/4, or long sleeves.  You also have the option of 1pc or 2 PC.  The sizes included in the Girls Stinger Bodysuit PDF Pattern are from 1-14.
Stinger Suit style shee

Fabrics for this release have been sponsored by the Fabrics by Missy Rose


Fabric and Notion Requirements:  

50% 4-way stretch knit fabric blend containing Lycra/elastane/spandex. Chunky Plastic Zip – 5mm Width – Open or Closed End  
Video tutorials to shorten zip from the top or the bottom included.
Magic Tape or “Sew Easy”  Wash Away Quilters Tape 
(Dissolvable) 1/4”-5/16” or 6mm-8mm
Leghole and Armhole Elastic 3/8” or 10mm 
Crop Top and Swim Pant Turnover Waist 3/4” or 20mm
Crop Top and Swim Pant Waistband Elastic 1” or 25mm

To make a Girls Stinger Bodysuit just takes one step further than making a plain swimsuit.  The Zip!  You need not be afraid of inserting a zip.  You just need to get hold of some wash away tape.  Using this tape to hold the zip will make sewing a breeze.  If you join our Facebook Sewing Group you will see a post, with this picture, where members have shared where they get their tape or zips from.  There are many places online where you can buy Wash Away Tape from and have it sent right to your door.  

We have found zips in both Spotlight and Lincraft and some of these stores carry the tape also.  In the instructions of the pattern, there are video links, showing you how to shorten your zips if too long and another to help you sew the zip into your garment, using the wash away tape.


Be prepared to be blown away by our tester’s gorgeous makes.  They have gone all out with fabrics, photography, and look at those zipper installations.  Such perfection!


Linda Stilling
Alana McGregor
Brooke Ashcroft
Shannon McCracken
Laurie McDonnell
Fea Stephens
Fea Stephens
Janette Barnes
Abbie Daniels
Shannon Gates Thomsen
Rachel Harris
Ellen Green
Katty Klatty
Lauren Wernli
Lauren Wernli
Amy Hodge
Amy Hodge
Sarah Castleman
Sarah Castleman
Samantha Wolgast
Samantha Wolgast
Samantha Wolgast
Jenny Walker

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