Girls Revised Fun Tee Tester Round Up


I am here today to show you the Girls Revised Fun Tee Tester Round Up but first I would like to tell you about how it got to this stage. The Girls Fun Tee pattern was the first pattern that I released when starting SEW by Pattern Pieces. I have learned so much since that first day. One of the things I was not aware of at the time was just how big the online sewing community was.

I have always loved to sew but since I left Home Economics at high school and Design College I have not really talked much to anyone outside of work about sewing. Talking to friends about sewing was always a quick conversation as it was not a shared interest. I never thought to look at Facebook for sewing related groups.

Then one day I found a fabric designer that I loved and she had a PDF Pattern for a girl’s quilted jacket. It was the first time I had come across a PDF pattern. I had been making clothes for my girls either from patterns I had made or from the big 5. I decided to sew up a jacket for each of them from this pattern. They loved them and got a lot of wear out of them that Winter.

My little cuties in their cool homemade jackets.

Now that I had been introduced to PDF Patterns, I set about working out how to write them. I had been working in the rag trade for many years as a patternmaker but I had felt I had stopped learning and was not sure which direction to head with the skills that I had. It was then that I found the Pattern Workshop course for designing PDF patterns. My mind was blown with the possibilities.

I began drafting a little Fun Tee for my girls. I could only find plain 100% jersey at Spotlight and at that stage Lincraft was not easily accessible but I do not think their knit range was great, at the time. So, I used some fun iron-on transfers to jazz them up.

The very first version of the Girls Fun Tee on my two girls.

During the test of this pattern, I was amazed at some of the fabrics and prints testers were making their tees out of. After the test, I started buying some of the amazing stretch cotton Lycras and sewing them up for my girls. I then realized that the pattern needed tweaking and this was the catalyst for the revised version.

For a second time, my team of testers did an amazing job and I look forward to showing you all their gorgeous makes. In the Girls Revised Fun Tee, we added a few more sleeve options giving you a tee with lots of style choices.

The Revised Fun Tee and its options.

The Girls Revised Fun Tee Tester Round Up, get ready to see lots of cuteness right here, as I love all these makes. It brings me so much joy to see these photos as this is what I love about doing what I do.

Abigail Shelling
Abigail Shelling
Amy Hodge
Anja Wouters
Anja Wouters
Cassie Fussle
Cassie Fussle
Fea Stephens
Fea Stephens
Fee Stirt
Karen Grimshaw

Kel Curteis
Kel Curteis
Sandra Schommer
Amanda Kaye Saffold Jones

Sarah Mumford

It was such a fun test the second time around. The fit was gorgeous on all the girls and I am much happier with all the tweaks and new sleeve options. I hope you will love the Girls Revised Fun Tee as well.

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