Ladies Fun Tee Revised_Tester Round Up


The latest pattern by Sew by Pattern Pieces is a special one.  I decided early on when I made ladies’ patterns I wanted them to fit well and I wanted ladies of a wide range of sizes to be able to wear them.

I decided after time after the first release, that the armhole and sleeve could be made to feel a bit more comfortable, and therefore I decided that an update to the pattern was required.

This pattern comes with both fitted or flared bases. Fitted to mold to the body and wearable with all the fitted skirts and pants available at the moment. Flared for that little bit of swing over garments.

In this new release, you have the option of making your sleeves plain short or long and gathered short or long with the addition of mini flutter or full flutters on their own.  There are 3 neckline options including; Round, Scoop, or High or Low V Neck.

Some testers added 1″ to the length of all their short-sleeve tees as they feel more comfortable with that length. That is easy to do by just added 1″ to the cut line provided on the long sleeve. You can choose any length that you wanted.

A wide range of sizes have been made and are included in this pattern are as follows:

AU 6-26, US 2-22, EU 32-52 and cup sizes A through G. 

 Below are the final photographs sent to me from the lovely testers of this pattern. They were so gorgeous I just had to share them in one location for all to see.
I have been very fortunate to have many testers come back a second, third, and fourth time to test my patterns.  I feel very thankful for that and for the friendships formed through this process. 

Thank you to all the lovely testers that helped work on this pattern.  Without you, the revised version would not have been possible. 

Ladies Fun Tee Tester Round-Up is as follows.

Low V Neck_Fitted Tee_Ali Gadsby
Low V Neck_Flared Tee_Ali Gadsby
Scoop Neck_Flared Tee_Full Flutter_Amy Hodge
Scoop Neck_Flared Tee_Full Flutter_Amy Hodge
Scoop Neck_Fitted Tee_Angie Kyp
Gathered Sleeve with added 1″ to length_Carmen West
Full Flutter over plain sleeve_Carmen West
Gathered Sleeve with added 1″ to length_Chris Shapiro
Full Flutters – Dagmar Odengarm
Plain Sleeve_Flared Bodice_Julia Jones
Round Neck_Fitted Tree_Jeanne Howard
Flared Tee_Julie A Beveridge
Added length to Plain Short Sleeve_Fitted Tee_June Chance Butchee
Gathered Sleeve_Round Neck_Malene Gaihede Karlsen
Gathered Sleeve_Scooped Neck_Katie Kennedy
Low V Neck
Scoop Neck_Flared Tee_Margaret Hutson
3/4 Sleeve_Fitted Bodice_Marta Gvozdinskaya
Round Neck_Flared Tee_Michelle Eisele
Scoop Neck_Gathered Sleeve, Fitted Tee_Nicole Hanson
Scoop Neck_Flared Tee_Nicole Jupp
3/4 Sleeve_Low V Neck_Fitted Tee_Teresa Hardy
Low V Neck_Flared Tee_Sophie Carignan
Scoop Neck_Fitted Tee_Thao Luxa
Gathered Sleeve_Scoop Neck_Fitted Tee_Yvonne Dechance

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